How to Write a MLA Research Paper

How to Write a MLA Research Paper

Writing an MLA research paper is different from writing other papers, since the formatting used is different, as well as other aspects of writing. There is a series of steps involved in the writing process, and these range from coming up with the draft to formatting the paper according to MLA guidelines.

  1. Analyze the Topic of the Paper

Before you embark on the research part, you need to ensure that you break down the topic of the research paper and understand it to the detail. This will make it simpler for you to proceed in the other steps and sections of the paper.

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  • Do Your Research

Research is a fundamental step in the process of coming up with a research paper. You need to gather the relevant research materials and sift the relevant information and knowledge that will help you build your content.

Primarily, a research paper is all about bringing new knowledge to light about a particular topic. In this sense, you need to ensure that you carry out comprehensive research that will help to shed light on the topic of your paper or area of interest.

In the process of research, you must come up with a thesis that will help to guide you in the overall research paper writing process.

  • Start Writing

After getting the relevant information from the research process, you need to embark on the actual writing process. Here, you need to ensure that you follow the appropriate structure for writing a research paper, which starts at the introduction, the body, then ends with the conclusion.

Aggregate and condense the information from the research conducted, and write them in such a way that is in line with the thesis statement.

  • Format the Paper According to MLA Guidelines

Since it is an MLA paper, then you need to apply MLA guidelines during the formatting stage.

  • Formatting the Text

You need to ensure that you set the font to Times New Roman and the font size to 12. Double-space the entire text, and do not justify the text at the right margin. Further, on text formatting, ensure that you leave a space after a full stop, and do not turn off any automatic hyphenation feature in your text editor. On indentation, indent the first line of every paragraph one inch from the left margin of the text.

  • Formatting the Heading and the Title

The heading of your paper should start from the top of your first page, and it should be on the left margin. Include your name, the instructor’s name, the course code, as well as the date. All these details should be on separate lines. Write the title of the paper on the next line, and place it at the center of the page. Remember to double space this line.

  • Formatting the Running Head and Page Numbers

You need to ensure that you number the pages of your paper sequentially all through the paper. The numbering should be at the top right margin, and you should type your last name before the page number. All this should be at least half an inch from the top of the page.

You should place the running head in the header as well, and this could be in line with the page number, or below the page number. These small deviations could be ironed out with specific instructions from the course instructor. Other instructors would prefer a different running head on the first page from other pages of the paper.

  • Citations and References

The references should feature at the end of the paper, after any or all end-notes. They should be on a new page and should contain the same running head as that contained in the text. Begin the references one inch from the left margin, and in the event the reference goes to the next line, ensure that they start half an inch away from where the reference begins on the first line.

In summary, coming up with an MLA research paper is substantially similar to coming up with other research papers, the tangible difference only featuring in the formatting of the paper. Some students also prefer seeking help from a paper writing service when it comes to the formatting part; here, a student could obtain an MLA research paper example and use it as a guideline.