How to Explain the Gap in Your Resume

How to Explain the Gap in Your Resume


A resume gap is a period when you were unemployed. Numerous reasons could lead to having a breach in your resume. Therefore, you may not have the power to escape it. The following are tips to help you explain the void:

  • Be Honest 

Employers may assume you were lazing around whenever they notice a gap in your resume. Some potential employees get it wrong by trying to cover up the dates. If there is a gap in your resume, give it a brief and logical explanation. If you exaggerate your reasons, the employers may notice and discredit you. However, if you provide a sincere argument and prove you were still productive, you earn yourself more points.

  • Keep It Brief

Employers may not have the time to listen to or read long stories during the interview. While explaining the gap, both verbal and written, try to keep it brief and clear. For example, you can say you took two years to advance your career.

  • Prove You Have A Plan

Employers always want to prove that after the break, you have arrangements to keep you focused on work. For someone who took a break to take care of family issues, it is crucial to prove you have a plan that will ensure the same responsibilities do not distract you in case they hire you. Your method may include hiring a nanny. If, unfortunately, you were involved in an accident and still going for therapy, show them your schedule and prove it will not interfere with your productivity when hired.

  • Read What Experts Say About Gaps In Resume

It is always a good idea to learn from others. If you have an interview, but your resume has a challenge explaining, read about it. You can access this information through the internet. Additionally, resources from professionals who write papers for money can be of help to you. Approach any of them and explain to them how they can be of help to you.

  • Focus On Your Competence 

After mentioning the reason for the gap, jump to what you have to offer for the job. If, for example, you volunteered or did freelance jobs during the brake, state any related experience you gained that sets you apart.

  • Do Not Linger In The Topic

Regardless of the reason for your gap, do not take longer than expected explaining it. If you do, your potential employers may feel that you are still dragged down and that you are not ready to move to the next step. In case you get the chance to explain during the interview, state the reason and move on to that which is more important.

  • Emphasize On Your Uniqueness

All the interviewees may have a gap. However, how you utilized your break may give you an edge in pursuing the job. You may have had a breach due to family challenges, but how you overturned these challenges to work in favor of your career life will set you apart from the others. Therefore, prove to your potential employers you are different.

  • Prepare Adequately 

Preparation is key to any interview. Stammering and stuttering prove to your potential employers you did not prepare. Even if what you are saying is true, the interviewers may think you are lying. Therefore, research on possible questions and answers. Rehearse and perfect your language. It is okay to feel tensed. However, if you prepare adequately, the confidence will outshine the tension.


Resume gaps are inevitable. Anyone can find themselves in an unavoidable situation at any point in life. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to explain the gap in your resume, do the above, and you will stand out.