Long Term Goals List: 40 Examples & An Easy Technique to Achieve Them

Everyone cannot stick to a schedule in the long run; being realistic about the goals will ease out the burden of competition. Plans and career goals can change with time; learning a new language, adding an exciting hobby, and traveling can make a student’s mind flexible and adaptive towards progressive growth in any field. Setting up a master schedule to achieve long-term goals is the objective; the course might differ, but the destination must not alter.

Long Term Goal Examples for Your Career & Personal Life

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A long-term goal can be as practical as saving up money for your kid’s college fund. Or it can be as abstract as leaving a lasting legacy for the future generations. Regardless of what you want from life, creating a series of long-term goals can help you get there.

So if you’re stuck with “what” you want to achieve, then check out the 25 long-term goals examples that we profile in this post. Here, you’ll discover a wide range of objectives that include fitness & health, financial security, learning, career, and personal development goals. We hope that you can draw inspiration from these examples to help you shape a better future.

What is a Long-Term Goal?

A long-term goal often takes years to achieve. You won’t complete this type of goal this week, or even this year. Instead, a long-term goal (or a stretch goal) requires you to plan the specific habits and actions to systematically work your way to this important milestone.

1. Complete an Ironman Triathlon

If you’re planning to join for the first time, you have to consider the fitness requirements of the sport. It means you have to train and condition your body to meet the challenges of cycling, swimming, and running long distances.

2. Lower your cholesterol levels

By avoiding eating foods high in saturated fats, such as red meats, can help bring down cholesterol levels. A consultation with your health care provider is also essential to determine if treatment through medication is necessary. And you can also permanently lower your cholesterol levels by building a daily workout routine like a walking program.

3. Live a healthy life so you can play with your grandkids

4. Get a toned body (with abs, of course)

I had a friend in high school. He was very skinny and was often teased about it. He told me that he wanted to become a bodybuilder. After graduation, my friend and I lost touch. Just recently, we reconnected through social media.

He currently works as a fitness instructor and bodybuilder. It took years (more than 15) of dedicated study and training. Yet, he has achieved his goal. Not only that, he won several competitions in bodybuilding both locally and internationally.

5. Lose 20 pounds the healthy way and keep it off for good

More importantly, the people who try these diets inadvertently put their health in danger. If losing the excess weight is part of your long-term health goal, choose to do it the healthy way to ensure that the excess weight stays off for good.

Long Term Goals List with Examples & An Easy Technique to Achieve Them

What is the definition of a long term goal? It is simply an objective that you want to accomplish in the future, but one that will require a significant amount of time and planning. It will most likely take years, not months, to achieve and in many cases reaching the long term goal will also take several smaller steps during the process.

  1. Become a Leader in your Field
  2. Be Your Own Boss
  3. Find a Career You Love
  4. Get a Degree
  5. Buy a House
  6. Save Enough to Retire
  7. Finding a Life Partner
  8. Fund Your Children’s Education
  9. Become a Millionaire
  10. Learn a Foreign Language
  11. Be a Better Parent
  12. Generate Passive Sources of Income
  13. Invest in Real Estate
  14. Become Debt Free
  15. Declutter You Life
  16. Go on Your Ultimate Vacation
  17. Increase Your Level of Fitness
  18. Live Abroad
  19. Learn a New Skill or Trade
  20. Become a Mentor
  21. Research Your Family Tree
  22. Reach and Maintain Your Ideal Body Weight
  23. Learn to Cook Like a Chef
  24. Turn Your Passion Into a Career
  25. Write a Book
  26. Learn How to Sing
  27. Give a TedTalk
  28. Create an Online Course
  29. Start a Club
  30. Create a Podcast
  31. Start a Blog
  32. Master a Video Game
  33. Be Able to Type Without Looking
  34. Have a Credit Score over 800
  35. Invent Something
  36. Compete in a Fitness Competition
  37. Watch all the Oscar Winning Movies
  38. Conquer a Fear
  39. Learn a New Software Program
  40. Get Straight A’s

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Technique to Achieve Your Long Term Goal

You may be asking how do you achieve something that seems nearly impossible? The answer is—one little step at a time. You take one step every day towards your fears. You take one step every day towards your goals. You take one step every day towards living your passion.

I want to share a little technique that I used to expand my comfort zone enough to allow me to travel around the world solo checking incredible things off my bucket list and to turn my passion into a career. It is a technique that I continue to use every single day.

Pick One Goal

Focusing on too many long term goals at one time can be distracting and lead to not achieving any of them, so start by picking one goal to work on. Once you have selected your objective, write it down and put it somewhere where you will see it every day! You know what they say, “out of sight, out of mind”, and you don’t want this to be the case with your dream!

Create a List of Milestones

Once you’ve selected your long term goal it’s now time to make a plan to achieve it. The first thing to do is to break the goal down into a few major milestones. These milestones should take a shorter amount of time than the long term goal, but will still require a lot of effort.

Let’s use writing a book as an example. If you believe this objective will take two years, then each milestone should be able to be completed in a month or two—just enough time for you to have to push yourself, but also not get discouraged.

Long Term Goals Begin Mug Long Term Goals Typewriter

Create Daily Steps

After your milestones are all set, then each one needs to be broken down into daily steps. The daily steps are a bunch of actionable short term goals. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be some gigantic leap that takes up hours of your time each day; it can be a tiptoe that takes less than 10 minutes.

Everybody can find ten minutes a day to take one step in the direction of their dreams, and if you don’t, it’s because it is not a priority to you. We will make time for what we think is important in our lives and our dreams have to be important!

This technique may seem time consuming, but it is a system that will keep you on track. Besides, it doesn’t matter the speed as long as you’re moving forward, because the time is going to pass anyway, you can either spend it stepping towards the life you want or spend it standing still in the life you don’t. It’s your choice.

Annette White hiking the Inca Trail Hard questions to answer and to ask yourself

For me, this technique for slowly pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone and taking one step forward every day is what led me to creating a career out of my passion for bucket lists. With this system I started living my list and created this blog, Bucket List Journey, whose mission is to give every person in the world the tools and inspiration to live their bucket list.

For the first couple of years it only had about 10 visitors per month, but I was still super proud—I mean it was a whole 10 people! Even with few visitors I continued with my milestones and daily steps, because I knew that just by putting one foot in front of the other was leading me towards achieving a goal. And today, over 10 years later, this little blog has turned ten visitors per month into over half of a million.

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Email Writing Skills: Definition and Examples

Therefore, it’s extremely important to define your main point in 1 or 2 paragraphs tops. If you clearly convey your request or question and your reader feels it’s relevant and interesting, then they’ll continue reading your email. If you manage to get them to stay after this point, in most cases, they’ll return your email. Good for you.

formal professional email writing examples and formats

Email writing skills

Derek Smith | Training & Development Industry Researcher | Derek researches, discusses, and writes about the impacts of employee learning on organizations and individuals. He regularly interviews L&D and HR professionals, sharing their insight on trends and best practices that help organizations create stronger training programs, and help to grow their employees and their business.

For instance – communicating online increases the risk for misunderstandings. When you’re communicating in a face-to-face context, factors like gestures and tone give clues to a speaker’s intent. You can read body language, facial expressions, and other non-verbal cues to alter messages and avoid misunderstandings.

Developing effective email communication, mastering email writing skills, and establishing good email writing habits will instantly improve your employees’ online professionalism, which translates to a better reputation offline, too!

Using online training is an easy way to teach these skills to your employees. Microlearning videos are short but pack a punch of information and employees can view them a their own work station and not have to leave for hours, slowing productivity. By watching a short video, employees can learn how to communicate for effectively and professionally at work and in their daily lives.

What are email writing skills?

Email writing skills are aptitudes that can help you create meaningful correspondence with professional and personal connections electronically. By developing your email writing skills, you can start writing better emails that communicate your points more succinctly, accurately represent your comprehension and intelligence and minimize the number of unnecessary responses. Email writing skills are like communication skills, but because they involve written responses, they can take extra time and care to develop.


One of the most important skills that can influence the success of your emails is communication. When writing emails, it’s essential to include ideas as succinctly as possible. Often, your audience won’t take the time to read the entirety of a lengthy response, and they might not see critical information. Learning to synthesize your ideas and communicate important points effectively can make it easier to maximize the efficiency of your correspondence.

Attention to detail

Attention to detail is another crucial email writing skill. It applies to both your own writing and your comprehension of others’ messages. In your own writing, noticing minor details can help you find grammatical errors, typos or missing information quickly. Thoroughly reading the emails you’re responding to can also help ensure you address every relevant point in someone else’s email.


Writing skills are very important when writing emails. Your writing skills can help you communicate your thoughts well and can also influence your use of spelling and grammar. Developing your writing skills can make your emails easier to read and less prone to typos, which can distract your reader and prevent them from understanding the full value of your message.

Time management

Time management is also an essential skill related to email writing. Often, especially in a professional setting, you might have to respond to multiple emails a day. Learning to write effective and professional correspondence quickly can increase your productivity and show your email recipient you value their time.

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Writing Effective Emails

The average office worker receives around 80 emails each day. With that volume of mail, individual messages can easily get overlooked. Follow these simple rules to get your emails noticed and acted upon.

1. Don’t Overcommunicate by Email

One of the biggest sources of stress at work is the sheer volume of emails that people receive. So, before you begin writing an email, ask yourself: "Is this really necessary?"

As part of this, you should use the phone or IM to deal with questions that are likely to need some back-and-forth discussion. Use our Communications Planning Tool to identify the channels that are best for different types of message.

Also, email is not as secure as you might want it to be, particularly as people may forward emails without thinking to delete the conversation history. So avoid sharing sensitive or personal information in an email, and don’t write about anything that you, or the subject of your email, wouldn’t like to see plastered on a billboard by your office.

Whenever possible, deliver bad news in person. This helps you to communicate with empathy, compassion, and understanding, and to make amends if your message has been taken the wrong way.

2. Make Good Use of Subject Lines

A newspaper headline has two functions: it grabs your attention, and it summarizes the article, so that you can decide whether to read it or not. The subject line of your email message should do the same thing.

A blank subject line is more likely to be overlooked or rejected as "spam," so always use a few well-chosen words to tell the recipient what the email is about.

You may want to include the date in the subject line if your message is one of a regular series of emails, such as a weekly project report. For a message that needs a response, you might also want to include a call to action, such as "Please reply by November 7."

A well-written subject line like the one below delivers the most important information, without the recipient even having to open the email. This serves as a prompt that reminds recipients about your meeting every time they glance at their inbox.

Basic formal email structure

Before we get into different email templates, it’s important to know how to build an email yourself. For the most part, every email, regardless of its contents, will follow the same structure with the same basic elements. You should get to know these elements in order to ensure proper and effective email writing as a whole.

Email address

Your email address is oftentimes out of your control. If you’re working for a company or operate under the umbrella of a brand your email address will likely include the company or brand name domain.

For example, the emails in WiseStamp are all in the following format: [employee_name]@wisestamp.com. This ensures that we all have a professional business email address. Since only the owner of wisestamp.com can issue email addresses under that domain name, this ensures our emails appear legitimate.

Imagine if each employee would have a random Gmail address like [name][email protected], which anyone can create, that would be a bit suspicious. Email open rates are first and foremost dependant on trust, so make sure you have a trustworthy email address or suffer very low open rates.

Subject lines

Your subject line will be the single most important element in your formal email writing. It is the first thing your recipient will see and unless you convince her then and there that your email is safe, relevant, and high priority (in that order) it may never be opened. If this happens, any effort you put into the rest of the email elements will go to waste.

Your subject line will depend on the purpose or content of your email, but overall, you want it to be something engaging enough for a recipient to click on.

Studies have shown that personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened. You also want to tailor your email subject line to your email goal, whether it’s a sales email, a personal email, a newsletter, or something else. I advise that you take the time to think of 3-4 refined options then consider which of them will likely be most appropriate.



How to Explain the Gap in Your Resume

How to Explain the Gap in Your Resume


A resume gap is a period when you were unemployed. Numerous reasons could lead to having a breach in your resume. Therefore, you may not have the power to escape it. The following are tips to help you explain the void:

  • Be Honest 

Employers may assume you were lazing around whenever they notice a gap in your resume. Some potential employees get it wrong by trying to cover up the dates. If there is a gap in your resume, give it a brief and logical explanation. If you exaggerate your reasons, the employers may notice and discredit you. However, if you provide a sincere argument and prove you were still productive, you earn yourself more points.

  • Keep It Brief

Employers may not have the time to listen to or read long stories during the interview. While explaining the gap, both verbal and written, try to keep it brief and clear. For example, you can say you took two years to advance your career.

  • Prove You Have A Plan

Employers always want to prove that after the break, you have arrangements to keep you focused on work. For someone who took a break to take care of family issues, it is crucial to prove you have a plan that will ensure the same responsibilities do not distract you in case they hire you. Your method may include hiring a nanny. If, unfortunately, you were involved in an accident and still going for therapy, show them your schedule and prove it will not interfere with your productivity when hired.

  • Read What Experts Say About Gaps In Resume

It is always a good idea to learn from others. If you have an interview, but your resume has a challenge explaining, read about it. You can access this information through the internet. Additionally, resources from professionals who write papers for money can be of help to you. Approach any of them and explain to them how they can be of help to you.

  • Focus On Your Competence 

After mentioning the reason for the gap, jump to what you have to offer for the job. If, for example, you volunteered or did freelance jobs during the brake, state any related experience you gained that sets you apart.

  • Do Not Linger In The Topic

Regardless of the reason for your gap, do not take longer than expected explaining it. If you do, your potential employers may feel that you are still dragged down and that you are not ready to move to the next step. In case you get the chance to explain during the interview, state the reason and move on to that which is more important.

  • Emphasize On Your Uniqueness

All the interviewees may have a gap. However, how you utilized your break may give you an edge in pursuing the job. You may have had a breach due to family challenges, but how you overturned these challenges to work in favor of your career life will set you apart from the others. Therefore, prove to your potential employers you are different.

  • Prepare Adequately 

Preparation is key to any interview. Stammering and stuttering prove to your potential employers you did not prepare. Even if what you are saying is true, the interviewers may think you are lying. Therefore, research on possible questions and answers. Rehearse and perfect your language. It is okay to feel tensed. However, if you prepare adequately, the confidence will outshine the tension.


Resume gaps are inevitable. Anyone can find themselves in an unavoidable situation at any point in life. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to explain the gap in your resume, do the above, and you will stand out.

Video Games as Interesting Way to Tell a Story

Tom Bissell argues about the social relevance as well as significance of video games and defends the video games against critics. Bissell’s approach is somewhat undecided in standpoint regarding the cultural importance of this medium, defining the variance existing within game play with relation to the narratives advanced.  It also considers the opportunity of this medium being consigned to the belief which regards games as unsuited for varieties of the traditional art. Bissell exalts a number of current games within this book, and more specifically, Fallout 3  Braid, Mass Effect, Grand Theft Auto IV, and for the articulation within the artistic progressions achieved by the attempt to achieve social relevance. After launching the  The learning of games and gaming, particularly video games: as well as  narrative aspects of current theories of video game, an explication of Tom Bissell’s conception of ceremonial rhetoric.

It is argued here that going into view that ceremonial rhetoric is practically a type of what is constantly referred to by many others as the narrative design. Additionally, it is presented here and argued that these narrative design philosophy come under the enthymematic type of creating knowledge , the Aristotelian form. Several examples can be isolated and pointed out representing the successful narrative design with relation to both video games as well as media shows and the way in which  these agree with the enthymematic model.

This book additionally reaches a conclusion within the discussing of the way in which the epistemic principles relating to narrative design have been applied upon the trans-media designing environment as well as the manner in which these enable the users or game players to take the role of the creator and the author of one’s own trans-media texts. It is argued that while video games are progressively evolving as art forms, it is necessary that the comprehending and cross-functioning together with scholarship which is entailed.

Through the thorough comprehension of the procedures which video and other games utilize in communicating, it can be made possible for much better or superior games. Again from creating more advanced games, we may not only progress this medium in defining it as a form of art, as can clearly be assessed, we may be engaged to players at every levels not within of this played experiences but again empower the people aspire to become increasingly thoughtful as well as creative people.

People have began to identify or distinguish, what Bissell’s text refers to as “take note, and the study of video games is starting to rear its head in the academic world,” (2010) . This is also in which a medley of fields are sincere to reaching an acceptance to terms with it. Professor of Simulation and Digital Entertainment who is based at the University of Baltimore, highlights the fact that through definition of the games with  a specific context.

We are also within this context deciding which person receives the tenure, this in other terms means that within the frontiers without the theories concerning video game playing, scholarship, many academic departments have taken the fight for the person who receives the claim for the video game liberty. But this notwithstanding, attempting to fix video games entirely into other film, art.

Again also their computer science disciplines that have  not been the mystery for attempting to fit a wrong model into a particular fitting. The composition presented can appear and operate similarly, but these cannot do the fit. It is required for an increasingly disciplinary method towards this study and producing of video games such that this discipline can obtain the space which is required to confidently progressively develop into one of own specialist discipline.

As of not long ago, one issue hindering development of feature diversions as an artistic expression has been the request by researchers and even a few creators to characterize feature diversions mistakenly. Verifiably, the two primary voices in the verbal confrontation on feature diversion hypothesis have been the ludologists and the narratologists. Ludologists, in the strictest sense, are defenders of contemplating diversions in light of gameplay, that is, the standards that administer play, the mechanics of the diversion, the terms of winning and losing, and so on.

They are less concerned with the narrating properties of feature amusements and more concerned with the gameplay parts and how they work. On the other hand, narratologists underscore the narrating part of feature amusements and use speculations of theater and film to depict and characterize them. Contingent upon whether you ask a strict narratologist or ludologist, soccer will either be a set of principles to represent play or a story of two clashing groups or tribes.

Gaming is percieved as a recreation or an arrangement of principles in which the player is given flexibility of decision and can do what they wish, gave their decisions meet the requirements of the diversion world. Story gadgets can exist, yet are utilized as ʻfillerʼ material; the story is insignificant to the achievement and pleasure in the amusement. In spite of Tom Bissell’sʼs energetic case, much like current films, books, and theater, diversions also can recount a decent story.

Within the spectrum of core games, there is a massive array of designs and genres; but, they share the designation core video games, not new media, cyber drama, and also the like. it is terribly true very exciting that the core computer game is evolving and branching off into these alternative forms; these forms of experiences are extremely noteworthy and represent undreamed potentialities of what we are able to do with interactive media, however they are not video games within the sense we have outlined them.

They represent an entirely breed of media and therefore demand a totally different hermeneutic. the matter that arises in a lot of tutorial scholarship is that oft we have an inclination to tend to specialize in these new kinds of media and neglect the computer game, assumptive that our theories can live up to as an over sized enough blanket to hide them, or worse nonetheless, arrogantly assumptive that video games are a lesser kind than their newer offspring.

Video games are typically likened to throwaway diversion necessary before one thing of quality is produced, the junk before the nice stuff. Perhaps partially thanks to the negative connotations of the term video game, students have tried to redefine the term. classes like interactive narrative, interactive drama, game-story, story-game, user expertise, and cyber drama have all been predispose to compound the matter, most of the terms wont to redefine video games are skew toward the narratology facet of the equation, with the doable exception of game-story, that a minimum of semantically puts game play first.

The ideas carried by several of those terms imply a branching nonetheless linear choose-your-own-adventure form of predefined expertise. Whereas there is actually area for these forms of experiences within the interactive media area, Associate in nursing interactive drama is not a game, and till we have a tendency to understand that, we have a tendency to are aiming to be frequently unfit by our own misconceptions. Fall out three and grand larceny machine do not seem to be a similar factor.

The previous could be a virtual world that has games inside it; the latter could be a computer game that looks sort of a virtual world. Differing types of interactive media need totally different storytelling techniques. Some do not need any in any respect. And inside the computer game sub category, core video games themselves need contextually specific storytelling devices. In video games, storytelling and game play must not be con. Story ought to operate in support of the sport play and drama advanced owing to it.

Video games at the same time communicate each narrative-based and play-based experience inside controlled surroundings. By understanding the processes that games use to speak, we are able to create higher games. By creating higher games, we are able to not solely grow the kind, however as we will see, we are able to interact players on levels outside of the contend expertise and change them to become a lot of thoughtful and artistic individuals.

That amusements do not tell stories is similar to demonstrating a motion picture and saying, that was not a arrangement of pictures.” Narratologists, for example, would concur Tree is in charge of the PC as theater analogy saying that portrayal is a key component to a decent amusement. On the other hand, Murray rightly notes that we don’t have to consider recreations story-diversions.

To which, that would be similar to utilizing the expression game play to depict early movies. Yes, when we are viewing a film, we are taking a gander at a progression of successive pictures, however it is not a strict balanced representation of what we would be checking whether we shot each edge of a game play and viewed it in a video game. To depict the marvel of the movie, we made the term film.

Bissell says we must do likewise in the amusement space. The proposed term for these new account gaming encounters is game dramatization We are presently viewing as right that statement that we don’t have to consider feature recreations as story-diversions, yet she develops the new term, cyber drama, to suggest that they are precisely that. We must be watchful with our terms here and not let our meanings of new types of amusements surpass our degree.

Early articles on narratology and cyber drama persistently reference chess and soccer. Some even refer to playing the stock exchanges on Divider Road or a man playing with his pooch as amusements. The issue with these examinations is that we are attempting to characterize a wide and different space with expansive exhaustive terms. This aspect attests that these sorts of arrangements are a piece of what he calls game imperialism and speak to the endeavor to change amusements into a more enthymeme perception of video game. If you are interested in some other aspects about video games you can read this video game violence argumentative essay.

The Most Interesting Essay Writing Topics for You

The Most Interesting Essay Writing Topics for You

When it comes to essay writing, the topics that you use are key, since they can help to determine the kind of content that you are going to come up with. Essay writing topics in specific areas of interest at times attract students and writers, since they are interesting, which develops a level of curiosity among students.

  1. Topics Touching on Current Events

Current events often bring debate and draw a lot of attention from people that are familiar with that particular area. In today’s world, for example, there are a lot of things that are happening in the areas of economics and finance, and those students who have majored in such areas can get a lot to write about based on these events.

For example, a key topic that may enthuse different students and equally generate some level of interest and curiosity is The Relationship Between Negative Yielding Debt and Recession. This is a key area of concern in the global economy today, and more so in the context of Advanced Economies (AEs). There are various happenings today from which students could pick interesting topics and come up with great essays in those specific areas of interest.

  • Debatable Topics

There are various topics in different academic disciplines and areas of interest that are contentious, and such topics often attract a lot of debate. This is because such topics always have strong cases for as well as cases against, that there can be no definitive assessment of the issue.

Such topics are interesting to work on and venture in, and students can look for such areas in their respective disciplines for such topics and write essays on them as well.

  • Topics That Explain Basic Concepts

Before students advance academically in their areas of study, they need to grasp the basics. More often than not, these basics are the building blocks of that discipline, and they will use those concepts all through the future years of their studies.

These basic concepts and fundamentals are areas where students can draw topics which they can later use in coming up with essays. Most students who seek writing help ask, “Where can I get the proper writers who can help me write me an essay?” Such students can get the help they need by simple internet searches, but they can also capitalize on other areas or sources of ideas to work around their essays and other academic tasks.

  • Unconventional Topics

Unconventional or unorthodox topics are also interesting topics that students can write their essays on. In every area of study or discipline, there are those topics that deviate from the basics or the norms in that particular area.

At times, these areas are sources of unconventional topics that students can leverage on to come up with interesting essay topics and essays as well.

In summary, there are tons of interesting writing topics, and listing these topics would be an exercise in futile due to the sheer number of topics that exist. In this sense, therefore, students can capitalize on their distinct areas of study to come up with proper and interesting topics that will help them craft interesting essays as well.

Given the huge number of academic disciplines that exist today, pointing out specific essay topics might be a daunting task. However, highlighting key areas that may bring up interesting writing topics can help students chart their way forward as far as essay writing goes.

How to Write a MLA Research Paper

How to Write a MLA Research Paper

Writing an MLA research paper is different from writing other papers, since the formatting used is different, as well as other aspects of writing. There is a series of steps involved in the writing process, and these range from coming up with the draft to formatting the paper according to MLA guidelines.

  1. Analyze the Topic of the Paper

Before you embark on the research part, you need to ensure that you break down the topic of the research paper and understand it to the detail. This will make it simpler for you to proceed in the other steps and sections of the paper.

If you are inquiring, “who can write my paper,” then you might want to keep reading for more insights on research paper writing in MLA format.

  • Do Your Research

Research is a fundamental step in the process of coming up with a research paper. You need to gather the relevant research materials and sift the relevant information and knowledge that will help you build your content.

Primarily, a research paper is all about bringing new knowledge to light about a particular topic. In this sense, you need to ensure that you carry out comprehensive research that will help to shed light on the topic of your paper or area of interest.

In the process of research, you must come up with a thesis that will help to guide you in the overall research paper writing process.

  • Start Writing

After getting the relevant information from the research process, you need to embark on the actual writing process. Here, you need to ensure that you follow the appropriate structure for writing a research paper, which starts at the introduction, the body, then ends with the conclusion.

Aggregate and condense the information from the research conducted, and write them in such a way that is in line with the thesis statement.

  • Format the Paper According to MLA Guidelines

Since it is an MLA paper, then you need to apply MLA guidelines during the formatting stage.

  • Formatting the Text

You need to ensure that you set the font to Times New Roman and the font size to 12. Double-space the entire text, and do not justify the text at the right margin. Further, on text formatting, ensure that you leave a space after a full stop, and do not turn off any automatic hyphenation feature in your text editor. On indentation, indent the first line of every paragraph one inch from the left margin of the text.

  • Formatting the Heading and the Title

The heading of your paper should start from the top of your first page, and it should be on the left margin. Include your name, the instructor’s name, the course code, as well as the date. All these details should be on separate lines. Write the title of the paper on the next line, and place it at the center of the page. Remember to double space this line.

  • Formatting the Running Head and Page Numbers

You need to ensure that you number the pages of your paper sequentially all through the paper. The numbering should be at the top right margin, and you should type your last name before the page number. All this should be at least half an inch from the top of the page.

You should place the running head in the header as well, and this could be in line with the page number, or below the page number. These small deviations could be ironed out with specific instructions from the course instructor. Other instructors would prefer a different running head on the first page from other pages of the paper.

  • Citations and References

The references should feature at the end of the paper, after any or all end-notes. They should be on a new page and should contain the same running head as that contained in the text. Begin the references one inch from the left margin, and in the event the reference goes to the next line, ensure that they start half an inch away from where the reference begins on the first line.

In summary, coming up with an MLA research paper is substantially similar to coming up with other research papers, the tangible difference only featuring in the formatting of the paper. Some students also prefer seeking help from a paper writing service when it comes to the formatting part; here, a student could obtain an MLA research paper example and use it as a guideline.

How to Write an Essay Very Easy

How to Write an Essay Very Easy

Writing an essay is not a difficult uphill task, but it is important to recognize that at times, coming up with an essay might be a bit challenging in some respects. However, there are ways to write an essay very easily. How to write an essay easily will boil down to breaking down the task at hand, and further simplifying those broken down pieces to make the writing process even simpler.

  1. Assess the Topic of the Essay

The first step in writing an essay is to assess the topic and ensure that you get what the topic requires of you. This will allow you to get the gist of the essay, and devise a plan on how to approach and eventually write that essay.

Assessing the topic will allow you to understand the expectations and requirements of the essay further. Since it is all about writing the essay very easily, you need to break down the topic further into subtopics. This will help to simplify the writing process and increase your writing latitude.

  • Do Research and Note Down Key Points

After analyzing the topic, you need to embark to the next stage of the writing process, which is research. The research will allow you to get the relevant facts as well as information that will help to form the content of your essay.

Note down these key points, as you can infuse them in the actual writing process. To make the whole thing even easier, ensure that you note down the points under every subtopic. This will help you in sentence formation and content building, and all this will make the overall writing process easier.

  • Start the Writing Process

Once you are done with your research and have noted down the key points to use when writing, you must begin the essay writing process. Start by crafting an introduction. You do not need to go to painstaking lengths to come up with a complex opening. A complicated introductory part will shun away readers.

Craft a simple introduction that will perform the primary role of informing the readers about the essay in general, and why it is important. Also, ensure that it creates some form of suspense that will make readers want to keep on reading.

When it comes to the body of the essay, work on the subtopics that you came up with. Use the points you noted down to write content under those subtopics. This will help you, primarily, to come up with content that aligns well with the overall topic.

When you complete the body, ensure that you come up with a smooth transition between the body and the conclusion. Come up with a summary that will reflect and underscore the main points of your essay. This way, the conclusion will be solid and of high quality.

  • Edit Your Work

When you complete writing the work, you might want to give yourself some time off. A day will do. During this time, focus on other issues other than the essay. When you are done, look at your essay. Proofread and edit your essay to get rid of errors that could weigh down on the essay’s quality.

To sum this up, writing an essay very easy depends on the approach that you can adopt. While this approach might have simplified the writing process, students might consider seeking essay writing help if they are not sure they can come up with a quality essay on their own.

Three Ways to Write My Paper Very Fast

Three Ways to Write My Paper Very Fast

Writing an essay fast is not the preserve of an essay writing service. Any individual who wants to write an essay fast can achieve so as long as they follow the necessary tips. Writing a paper very fast depends on a number of factors or issues. There is a need to ensure that you grasp the requirements of the topic of the paper. Understanding the expectations of the paper will make it easier for you to gather the requisite resources, extract the relevant content, organize your ideas, and start the actual writing process.

There is also a significant need to make sure that you gather the necessary tools which include text editors. Depending on the inputs and the approach that you use, there are various ways that you can use to write a paper fast.

  1. Using the Structure Method

The structure of your paper will determine how you will write your paper. More often than not, most people start with the introduction, then the body, then the conclusion of the essay. If you intend to know how to write an essay very fast, you could play around the structure and enhance in it such a way that will allow you to come up with your paper quickly.

Breaking down the topic into subtopics, and later rewriting the overall structure without the content under those subtopics can make it easier for you to write your paper fast. You can accomplish this by writing the introduction, the subtopics, and the conclusion in your text editor without necessarily writing content under those sections.

After doing so, you can embark on some fundamental research, gather the relevant facts and information, and start the writing process. When you do this, you can rest assured that you will come up with your paper in a faster manner than you ordinarily do.

  1. Writing on the Go

While the conventional process of writing involves doing some basic research then embarking on the writing process, you can also write on the go while conducting your research. This involves doing the research, getting the relevant facts and information, and simultaneously continuing with your paper.

This way, there are no breaks in between, and as you do your research, there is also progress that you register. This is a surefire way of coming up with your paper in a very fast manner since it is a one-time process that does not involve stages followed in the writing process.

  1. Using Suitable Writing Programs

If you are asking, “How can I get someone to write my paper fast,” then you should keep reading this content. While you might have an organized approach of coming up with the content of your paper, worth noting is that the writing programs that you use also matter in how fast you can come up with your paper.

Technology continues to change, and more options become available by the day. In this sense, therefore, you need to ensure that you work with a writing program that will make it easy for you to write your essay fast. This will help you to come up with your paper in a relatively shorter time and save you time to focus on other equally demanding activities.

To sum this up, coming up with a paper very fast is not a difficult task. In most instances, the onus is on you, since there are various tried and verified ways of coming up with your paper fast that you can employ in your writing.