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CPA Marketing: An Ultimate Guide to Generate and Maximize CPA sales (2022 Version)

To run a successful online brand, business owners like yourself rely on web traffic. But here’s the problem: web traffic is challenging enough to generate, and not every user converts. So, let’s introduce CPA marketing.

You may be wondering, “Is CPA marketing legit?”, let the statistics tell you. Thanks to affiliate marketing (what CPA marketing pretty much is), your customer revenue can skyrocket by 58%.
Are you intrigued by CPA marketing? Then you’ll want to know that more than 16% of all eCommerce orders in the US are due to affiliate marketing.

You don’t need to be an affiliate marketing genius to start a CPA marketing campaign. This article will reveal the top CPA marketing tools for a lucrative campaign and what CPA marketing can do for your business.

What are the benefits of CPA marketing?


The primary benefit of CPA marketing as an affiliate is that it can be profitable, especially if the partnership between you and the advertiser is mutually beneficial and a good fit for both parties. For example, a beauty blogger forming a CPA marketing partnership with a makeup company would qualify as a viable partnership because their target audience and marketing focus are similar.

Ease of use

CPA marketing can be fairly easy to use because you need only two components: your website and a CPA network to join. This system allows you, as an affiliate, to immediately begin increasing traffic to your site by advertising for a recognizable company. Partnering with a trusted and legitimate CPA network can streamline the CPA marketing process and help to remove any guesswork on how to begin.

Enhanced marketing range

A successful CPA marketing campaign can help to improve the scale of an affiliate’s brand. This means that their brand can grow and become more recognizable at a faster rate and to a much wider audience. Regardless of the industry, CPA marketing can help increase an affiliate’s brand awareness and may sometimes reach beyond the advertiser’s audience.

The Final Word

To get started, all you need to do is join a CPA network and start working with an affiliate manager who can match you with qualified publishers. Selecting the right CPA network is key to achieving the highest conversions and ROI from CPA marketing.

What is a CPA in marketing?

CPA stands for “cost per action,” which refers to the fee an advertiser pays each time a new lead takes a predefined action (i.e. buying an item or signing up for a newsletter) which can be attributed to a promotional campaign from an affiliate.

What is CPA marketing income?
Does CPA marketing really make money?

CPA marketing enables advertisers to reach audiences they wouldn’t otherwise have access to (eg: the readership of a niche publication) and increase product discoverability. This leads to increased sales for the advertiser.

Cpa marketing

Your CPA marketing strategy will likely change as your business grows, so a review is essential. Set weekly, monthly or quarterly checks to track your campaign’s ROI. Keep an eye on important metrics like your overall traffic growth, your Affiliates’ traffic, and your competitors’ performance.

cpa marketing

CPA Marketing: How It Works & How to Build an Effective Strategy

Cost per action (CPA) marketing offers a commission to an affiliate partner after their readers complete a specific action. When an affiliate or influencer promotes your products or services to their audience, you’ll only pay a fee once a reader has taken the action you want.

Many consider CPA to be cost-effective because it only costs you money when someone interacts with your ad. Your target action can include filling out a form, clicking through to a specific webpage, sharing a video, using a voucher code, and more.

Examples of CPA Marketing

  1. Review websites: These websites compare different products or services within an industry. Their content usually weighs the features, benefits, and cons of each option. Readers often browse these sites when trying to compare their options for purchase.
    Review websites work great for CPA marketing because you can include a link to each product you review. Once readers are ready to purchase, they can click through to your website or a landing page.
  2. Splash pages: A splash page appears like your website, app, or online game loads. Major brands like Apple or Disney tend to use splash pages, as it’s likely their visitor is already familiar with their brand.
  3. Affiliates and Influencers: Affiliate and influencer marketers can boost your CPA marketing strategy. Standard affiliate marketers come from various places, like popular blog sites, fundraising pages, cashback sites, etc. Influencers are most commonly found on social media and YouTube and often have celebrity status, which helps sell products to their target markets.

How to Build Your Own CPA Marketing Plan

cpa marketing

More often than not, you’ll be sharing your target audience with competitors in your industry. It’s important to understand your place in the market and how much market share your competitors already have.
Market research can also help you identify companies you’ll likely share affiliate marketers and influencers within your industry. You can use Market Explorer’s Overview report to discover significant or new competitors and important audience demographics.

cpa marketing

The Overview report’s Growth Quadrant visualizes your competitive landscape at a glance. You can view up to 20 competitors with the quadrant. Hover over each competitor to see their stats, including their referral traffic earnings:

cpa marketing

cpa marketing

You’ll want to work with affiliate marketers and influencers compatible with your brand and are already marketing to your target audience. But you don’t have to start from scratch — you can target your competitors’ affiliate partners. Working with your competitors’ affiliates saves time, and you can ensure they already have marketing experience.

Begin by making a list of your strongest competitors from the Growth Quadrant. Then for each competitor, you can navigate to the Traffic Journey report in the Traffic Analytics tool, scroll down to the Traffic Journey Details chart, and toggle “Referring Sites” to see which sites send the most traffic to your competitors.

cpa marketing

Use this list to determine potential affiliate partners. You can reach out to these sites to ask them to review your products, include your affiliate links in their copy, or build a custom marketing campaign.

Toggle Social Network on the report to see the top social media platforms sending your competitor traffic. Use this list to determine where to scout for influencers. Your competitors’ most popular influencers likely operate on these networks.

cpa marketing

Although it’s essential to understand your competitors’ strategy, your strategy will ultimately look different. Competitors often miss opportunities, so you should be prepared to work with affiliates your competitors don’t.

Use the Traffic Analytics tool to determine each prospective network’s traffic quality to narrow down your options. The tool can show you each domain’s overall traffic and any important user engagement metrics, like their average visit duration and bounce rate:

cpa marketing

Avoid paying for useless leads you can’t convert: use Visits and Unique Visitors metrics to estimate the size of the site’s affiliate audience. Review Pages per Visit, Average Visit Duration, and Bounce Rate to understand the site’s user experience quality. Sites with good user experience metrics mean that visitors spend more time browsing your partner’s site, increasing the odds of earning a click on your affiliate links.

The Display Advertising tool analyzes your competitors’ text and banner ads for crucial information like ad type, impressions, and audience targeting. You can also use the tool to evaluate the domains that publish CPA ads. Start by entering your target domain into the tool input:

Optimizing Your CPA Costs

How can you maximize your per acquisition costs while generating content and ads that can pave the way for more conversions? You want your CPA ads to perform well and rank high. To help you optimize your CPA costs, here are some tips you can follow:

Keep your audience curious

When promoting a CPA offer, it’s not enough to just create compelling ads or an engaging landing page. You also need to bank on your audience’s curiosity. Create ads that encourage them to click on your link or know more about the product you’re promoting. Try crafting intriguing content or eye-catching graphics while still highlighting the product’s benefits.

Design a compelling landing page

Don’t just focus on clicks or impressions

Clicks and impressions are good, but they don’t necessarily guarantee conversions. To optimize your CPA, focus your efforts on gaining conversions. Remember that your goal is to encourage your audience to perform a desired action.

2022 CPA Marketing Best Practices

Consider working with an Affiliate Manager

Track your campaigns

After promoting your selected CPA offers, you need to track your campaigns and their performance, along with any issues that may come up. Some of the important factors you need to monitor to assess the effectivity of your campaigns include:

Avoid joining unreliable or shady CPA networks

Dubious networks thrive in the world of CPA marketing. To avoid working with these types of networks, do thorough research. Avoid CPA networks with bad reviews. You can check CPA network reviews on sites such as oDigger .

Be knowledgeable about click fraud and scam offers

Unfortunately, CPA marketing isn’t immune to fraud and scams. Scam offers usually pay as little as 800 for a simple task. When researching for CPA offers, avoid promoting offers such as online flash games and get-rich-quick promos. Regarding click fraud, invalid clicks from bots can negatively affect your CPA. This can result in you spending more for your campaigns while receiving lower return on ad spend (ROAS). To prevent invalid clicks, you can consider using click fraud prevention software.

Final Thoughts

While the prospect of CPA marketing may be intimidating at first, it doesn’t always have to be. Once you’ve gained a good understanding of CPA marketing and how it works, you can start joining CPA networks and promoting your chosen CPA offers.

The key to a successful CPA marketing campaign is to always stay updated. Trends are constantly changing, and you’ll always have competition. There are several resources and tools online that can help you learn more about CPA marketing and how you can address the challenges that may arise along the way.

Cpa marketing

In this case, you might decide to pay your affiliate $10 for every $100 worth of apparel fulfilled through your e-commerce store when customers use their affiliate link. In this case, your return on ad spend would be 10:1, which is quite impressive.

what is cpa in marketing

What is CPA Marketing? Top 10 Tips to Help You Create a Successful CPA Marketing Campaign

Affiliate is a popular term in the field of Internet or online marketing today. Affiliates earn money by promoting the products or services of other companies and in return, they get a commission on the number of sales created. But we wonder have you heard about another new type of affiliate marketing in which you get paid even if you don’t make a deal? Yes, this type of method to earn money online is a new wave of affiliate marketing known as CPA marketing or CPA Affiliate Marketing.

To begin with, we will make it clear about the CPA marketing before going any further about its functions and benefits. The full form of CPA is Cost Per Action – a marketing strategy online and a type of Affiliate Marketing that involves marketers or publishers in generating leads for businesses.

The companies then will pay them for each point they made. This method is different from typical affiliate marketing because it doesn’t require people to sell anything in order to get paid. Another way to call CPA is Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and this focuses mainly on leads instead of sales.

Affiliate Marketing has been widely used and becomes more and more popular nowadays. This cost-effective method helps many businesses expand their influence on the market but they might have to face some challenges of how to keep track of all the data of these affiliate programs. That’s when we need the strength of technology.

Magento 2 Affiliate helps retailers set up their own affiliate campaigns to make the journey straight and comprehensive for both retailers and customers. Creating your affiliate program, tracking down the transactions while expanding your customers has never been as easy as this.

What DO CPA Marketers Get Paid Without Making a Sale?

You may be curious about how the CPA marketers can earn their money without making a sale or why the advertisers could pay the CPA marketers if customers don’t spend their money. Actually, the answers to those questions are pretty simple as the CPA marketers drive new consumers to the website advertised by generating leads. Payments are usually based on lead generation like submitting an email address, phone number, or some actions that are taken as a direct result of marketing.

In other words, new customers are the driving force behind any business’ marketing campaigns and the advertisers pay the marketers for the effort they make to drive more sales. CPA marketers will do their job to connect potential customers with various brands.

CPA Networks

CPA Niches

It’s not that every niche out there is a good market you can earn a good income in every niche. That’s why you will need to find a niche that is not only profitable but it also has to be the field you are excellent at. Below is a list of the top CPA niches you may want to try:

Overview: What is CPA marketing?

CPA marketing is a type of affiliate marketing that aims to offer a commission to an affiliate partner after a particular action has been completed. This is a substantial new way of marketing digitally because it allows you to only spend money after a potential customer has completed an action of your choosing.

Your business can identify what this specific action is — purchasing a product or service, filling out a form, watching a video, asking for a quote, etc. The affiliate is then only paid post-purchase or after this action has been completed, making your marketing spend much more valuable.

Most e-commerce businesses that employ CPA advertising techniques partner with celebrities, influencers, or top names in their industry as affiliates. This method allows affiliates with large followings to promote a company’s products or services to their followers or fans in order to earn money for themselves, as well as the business they’re working with.

4 benefits of CPA marketing

1. It can expand your audience

One incredible benefit of employing CPA marketing is how quickly it can broaden your audience. By partnering with influencers, you’re able to get your products in front of more eyes, potentially expanding your customer base. This method is particularly effective if you’re trying to break into a new audience or demographic.

2. It enhances your brand reputation

On top of adding new customers, partnering with affiliates can also boost your brand reputation and recognition. This can solidify your brand as one of the top competitors in your industry, which can positively affect your sales and digital presence. It will also improve consumers’ trust in your overall brand and suite of services or products.

3. It’s extremely affordable

Perhaps most importantly, CPA marketing’s main benefit is how affordable it is, making this method an easy way for companies of any size to engage with new prospects. Instead of spending money on digital ad campaigns aimed at drawing impressions, clicks, and engagements that won’t turn into leads or conversions, you can instead improve your marketing ROI with CPA marketing.

4. Lastly, it’s low risk

Since CPA marketing is a performance-based marketing technique, it’s very low risk for companies and affiliates. Both you and the affiliates you partner with only make money if the desired outcome is reached. This motivates affiliates to market on your behalf (to earn their commission), while you only pay out marketing dollars when your desired goal has been achieved.

How To Implement A CPA Marketing Strategy?

how to start cpa marketing

To Businesses and Advertisers

Step 1: Identify your desired audience

This is a crucial basis that every marketer should pay serious attention to before anything else. Your company should conduct thorough market research on customers’ interests and behaviors to find out the target market. In doing so, you can choose to promote specific products that make them engaged. It will pave the way for smooth work with affiliates later.

Step 2: Join a CPA network

Step 3: Build a specific CPA marketing plan

To Affiliates or Publishers

Step 1: Create your website or landing page

Before registering to work as a CPA affiliate, you need to build a legitimate website. A well-designed and trustworthy platform such as WordPress can increase your chance among various competitors in the marketing realm. Otherwise, it will be hard for a beginner to get accepted into a CPA network.

Step 2: Find and join a CPA network

After successfully getting into the network, CPA marketers can choose any CPA offer that is suitable for your level. You must ensure that you are capable enough to complete the KPIs of that offer or you won’t get the money.

Step 3: Promote CPA offers on your website

Social media platforms are just the right place to attract more visitors because millions of people use them every single day. If you own a popular account with many followers, your chances of promoting CPA offers are incredibly high.

In fact, if your website ranks high in the Google search engine, it definitely attracts an organic traffic source. An increasing number of visitors will be more likely to interact with your links, posts, or banner ads on the website.

It is undeniable that we are sometimes attracted by an eye-catching online ad and can’t help but click on it. You can start using Google Adwords or Facebook Ads in order to promote CPA offers. However, these tools need a specific amount of fees to run and as soon as you stop spending, the revenues go back to zero immediately.

Top CPA Networks In 2021

best cpa networks

1. AdWork Media


2. MaxBounty

One famous strength of this network is that it also provides inspiration and other services that are highly useful for affiliates. The minimum payment threshold starts from $50 and is offered via several methods like PayPal, Check, ACH, etc.

3. DMSAffiliates

dms affiliates

4. Perform[cb] (ClickBooth)


5. Convert2Media

6. Click Dealer

click dealer

Despite being relatively young, Click Dealer has proved itself to be a top-ranked CPA network, particularly in the e-commerce industry. There is a huge range of exclusive offers on this network from various global brands.

7. AdCombo


AdCombo is famous for its newbie-friendly affiliate dashboard and managers that work closely with beginners in the field. It also provides a new model that is hardly seen anywhere else: Cash on Delivery (COD) which is more convenient to customers.

8. AdsMain

AdsMain is a rising star among CPA networks in the marketplace because of its large offer inventory. When joining this network, affiliates have a chance to get CPA offers from big companies like Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, Disney, etc.